Before we even started this business our lives were affected by Cancer along with Mental Health, like I’m sure so many Australian families have been too. We felt when we were establishing the business that we had an amazing platform to try and make some difference.

Now we could rest on our laurels and keep the profits for furthering our business or our own endeavours. However, we believe that we are responsible to try and make a change. This is why we are donating a percentage of all of our profits to both of these charities. There isn’t enough research out there about Cancer and Mental Health and we want to assist in any way we can. Of course, there are so many wonderful charities out there doing great work. These are the two that have impacted us and the ones we love the most. We love what they are doing and we hope we can raise some good money to help them with their fight in both respective fields. Our fundraiser will not finish. While this business remains open, so to will the deposits to our charity partners. We know it will be a slow burn, especially as we are only starting out as a business but we intend to see in 5, 10, 20 years time how much we have raised and helped out.

For every meal that is purchased 2.5% of the profits will go to each charity. We are approved fundraises for both charities and we look forward to doing more work with these wonderful people in the years to come.

Just by purchasing meals through us, you too are making a difference. Please continue to support us which will in turn help us support the charities we care so much about.

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