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Veganism has been practiced for many years all over the world. Vegans consume fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based products. In the past two years, there has been a 40% increase in the vegan population worldwide. In Australia, around 500,000 people have switched to veganism. Ever wondered why people switch to veganism? Well, there are several reasons behind this decision.
We have discussed a few!

Improved health

Health is one of the most significant reasons that has led people to consume vegan products. According to many studies, meat, poultry products, and other non-vegetarian food increase heart and cholesterol issues. Higher meat consumption leads to higher chances of obesity. Eliminating meat and poultry products from our diets helps in a 30% decrease in cholesterol rate.
Results from a study show that vegans face fewer stress and anxiety issues than non-vegans. Consumption of plant-based food can help elevate your mood. Eating antioxidant food like vegetables, fruits, and plant-based cuisine with the freshest ingredients helps prevent skin damage and early skin aging. Gastrointestinal hormones from the use of non-vegan food can also affect our health. These hormones are crucial for regulating weight gain and blood sugar.

Increased global warming

Climate scientists say that plant-based foods have a 10 to 100 times lower impact than meat on climate change. Factory farming is responsible for the increase in the change of climate. One of the recent studies suggested that if the whole world would switch to veganism and animal agriculture is eliminated, the greenhouse gases would be stabilized for more than 30 years. Animal farming is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gases emission, which is more than all the vehicles combined.
No measure can alone solve climate change, but vegan restaurant exclusiveappetite can play an important part in the negative change of climate.

Animal exploitation

Many people usually switch to veganism to stand against animal cruelty and unethical practices in factory farming. Those who adhere to the vegan lifestyle are firm believers that all animals, especially those consumed for centuries as mainstays in cuisine across the globe, are entitled to the same freedom as humans. This is an understandable point of view, particularly for people who have developed strong emotional connections with the animals in their lives.
Veganism helps save the lives of animals that are bred for meat and dairy.


Factory farming near rivers, lakes, or other water resources can contaminate the water due to improper treatment of animal waste and other farming waste materials. The feces and other waste materials can be harmful, and poison can also harm marine life as the waterways are connected to oceans and seas.
Air pollution is another reason to choose veganism. Many small-scale poultry and factory farms are not appropriately ventilated, and thousands of animals are sheltered in extremely small shelters. The smell of the animals and their wastes can cause breathing and health issues for workers and nearby communities.

Thinking of Being Vegan? Is It Worth It?

Many people think it is quite tough to switch to veganism as it is plant-based food and includes only vegetables and fruits. Many vegan restaurant exclusiveappetite find it tough to order vegan food as most restaurants do not serve vegan cuisine or have enough options to choose from. Melbourne residents can easily enjoy a ready-made vegan meal in the Mornington Peninsula.
There’s also a popular misconception that all vegan food is expensive, but this is not the reality. Vegan products can be affordable and mouth-watering if you do them right.
Wondering how to do this? Let’s help you out!

Boring veggies!

Many people find veggies boring. Veggies can be bland if they are not cooked or seasoned well. You could add different spices according to your taste, like chili flakes, pepper, and turmeric powder, or add seasonal herbs. Additionally, you can experiment with healthy sauces to make your food taste better, or just try Mornington Peninsula’s famous Vegan restaurant, Exclusive Appetite, which serves appetizing Sweet ‘N’ Sour Cauliflower. It is not only delectable but is also served in 3 sizes; regular, large, and family.

Say yes to lentils

It is believed that giving up meat can reduce protein intake. One cup of lentils has at least 18 grams of protein. Lentils are full of fiber and help in digestion and weight maintenance. A cup has around 10 grams of it. It is also healthy for bones, with 35 grams of calcium per cup. But how do you make lentils interesting? You could look for lentil-based pasta.
You could add lentils to your salad too. If you love different flavors or have an interesting taste palate, you could try Middle Eastern lentil cakes. It is one of the most delicious vegan ready-made meals in the Mornington Peninsula.

Plant-based meat

Non-vegans think that there would not be a variety in food if they switched to a vegan, and they would enjoy the same mouth-watering taste of meat, steaks, and delicious burgers. Vegans usually face problems when they think of dining out, as most restaurants do not offer vegan food or do not serve a variety of vegan cuisine.
However, many vegan restaurants serve a wide range of plant-based cuisine. If you’re asking yourself, “Can I enjoy the best vegan ready-made meal near me?” We’ve got the answer!
Exclusive Appetite is the right place for you if you reside in Melbourne. They serve plant-based curried sausages, creamy wild mushroom risottos, and other alternative meat food.

Try tofu

Tofu is an alternative to cheese. It is the best replacement for cheese if you are a vegan or want to be vegan. Tofu is made by processing soy milk which is plant-based food. It has high fiber and decreases cancer risk in your body. Tofu can be used in many ways, in curry or sprinkled on pizza, just like cheese. It also has low fats and cholesterol.
If you are fond of South Asian cuisines, look for Indian food, as their recipes are mostly based on vegan food. Vegetable biryani is one of the most popular vegan food around the world. Indian vegetable curry with coconut rice is a traditional Indian cuisine and would make your mouth water. You could also try an Indian vegan ready-made meal in Mornington Peninsula, and if you’re currently visiting Melbourne and thinking, “where is the best vegan ready-made meal near me?” you may like to try Exclusive Appetite for an amazing experience.

Let’s go vegan

According to studies, most people who are more conscious about their health and diet switch to veganism. Climate-friendly people, too, prefer doing so. Veganism can be the right choice to live a healthy and pollution-free life. The world has changed, and so have people’s lifestyles. The vegan food market has increased to more than 23.31 billion and tends to increase in the future. Many companies offer various vegan products and plant-based food, from vegan burgers to candies and sweets. Some offer vegan food for animals too.
In an era of people living a busy lifestyle and wanting to have a quick meal without any stress of cooking, Exclusive Appetite, Melbourne’s vegan ready-made meal in Mornington Peninsula, serves a wide range of vegan cuisine, which could help you change your taste palate from non-vegan to vegan.

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