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Healthy Food

Our Business 

Exclusive Appetite is more than a business selling ready-made meals, we are a business with a difference and a focus on quality, not quantity.

We create gourmet quality meals with over 70 options available and don’t add any nasties like preservatives, flavour enhancers, antioxidants, use firming agents, acidity regulators, colourings, or dehydrated vegetables.

We are a Melbourne-based small business, and all of our meals are hand-cooked and packaged by certified chefs.

We offer personalised service. Most of our customers are not tech-savvy. That’s more than ok, call us we will place the order over the phone for you.

We have no lock-in contracts or sign-ups at all.

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Understanding that our lives are busier than ever before, is the reason why ‘Exclusive Appetite’ was born…

We use only the freshest ingredients and quality produce, sourced locally from small businesses and wholesalers. All our meals are individually snap-frozen, nutritious, healthy, and convenient.

Our team has been in the industry for over 17 years, this has seen our team carefully craft a menu that is catered to your needs.

We at ‘Exclusive Appetite’ pride ourselves on being a revolutionary meal service, providing not only the highest quality of meals but newer cuisines also. Never have you had the quality, freshness, and variety of gourmet meals at the tip of your finger; like you do now.

Call us on 0481 586 595 for more information!

Our meals come in 3 different sizes, for all shapes, sizes, and Families to enjoy.

Regular (single serve) 510ml container

Large (single serve) 730ml container

Family portions (4-6 people) 

Get in contact with us to find out more!

Everything we do is environmentally friendly. We are conscious of the footprint we will have on the environment and therefore, 95% of all our waste is recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable.

Contact us today and purchase your ‘Exclusive Appetite’ Meals. www.exclusiveappetite.com.au or call us on 0481 586 595

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Is Exclusive Appetite for me?

We back ourselves and the quality we sell, and you will too once you have tried our large range of foods!

Here are some of the reasons why…

  • Melbourne-based small business.
  • Deliveries daily to your doorstep.
  • Supplying a large range of protein varieties including, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb, and more.
  • Full vegetarian and vegan menu.
  • Creating over 70 gourmet quality meals like beef cheeks, French braised lamb, prawn laksa, sticky twice-cooked pork belly and so much more.
  • We cook without using any nasty ingredients like most of our competitors. You won’t see any preservatives, flavour enhancers, antioxidants, firming agents, acidity regulators, colourings, dehydrated vegetables, and related ingredients in our foods.
  • We are a one-stop shop for your daily meals. We even do Soups and Desserts!
  • Locally sourced, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.
  • Over 95% of our materials and foods are biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • Meals cooked to order by Certified Chefs.
  • No lock-in contracts or sign-ups
  • Easy, Affordable, and Nutritious.
  • Personalised Service- Not tech savvy? That’s ok, call us and we will place the order over the phone for you.
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Our Chef 

Our Head Chef, Chris has been cooking for over 15 years. It’s the only job he has ever known and the only job he will ever do. Not often do you find someone as passionate about their profession 15 years later, as they were the day they started!

Chris was a Chef in the Australian Defence Force for well over a decade. 13 years. Before that he worked in various restaurants gaining experience. This has gifted him the ability to not only master his skill set but travel the world whilst doing so. This is the inspiration behind such a wide range of menu choices.

Such experiences have seen him cooking fine dining luncheons, cocktail parties, bulk-cooking functions, and sit-down dinners for the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Prince Harry, Television Broadcasters, multiple Australian Prime Ministers, multiple Governor Generals, numerous high ranking Military Delegates from around the globe, Food Critics, and Bloggers. Chris has been lucky enough to do high-class catering functions in 17 different countries learning, teaching, and crafting cuisines from all around the world.

Through his experiences, he has been able to attain some of the highest qualifications in the Hospitality, Leadership, and Management fields.

After all his travels, (many of which include regions in Australia) Chris and his young family have decided the Mornington Peninsula is the area for them to stay. “The vibe of the area, its locality to such a range of experiences, the quality along with the accessibility of exceptional local produce and the amazing people are the main reasons why we chose to remain on the Peninsula”- Chef Chris.

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For our Head Chef, focussing on quality and striving for perfection is what motivates him daily. “To have the ability to provide families and professionals, who are busier than ever, a high quality prepared meal; that’s is something that I enjoy. The thought that that the people eating our foods are not only enjoying a first-class meal but also have more time on their hands throughout the day because of what we do. It’s a rewarding feeling.”

If you haven’t tried our foods yet, let us give you some well-deserved time back, by providing you with our selection of meals to heat and eat at your convenience. Whether you are a Family, Single Professional, Power-Couple, New Parents, Stay at Home Parent or someone that needs more time on their hands, these meals are for you! Try our ready made meals Victoria.

Life’s too short to be bland!

Through this pandemic, if there is one thing that we have learned, it’s that we should not take anything for granted and we need to look after ourselves and each other.

So often we hear of people spending their hard-earned money on delivered takeaway meals, mass-produced frozen meals, or bland prepared delivered meals. We at ‘Exclusive Appetite’, aim to turn the trend and assist families and hardworking Victorians who are settling for a tasteless meal because it’s convenient.

Your health, diet, and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.

Let us ensure that you want for nothing when it comes to your daily meals. Be the envy of your lunchtime work conversation. Because we create meals that you deserve to eat. Try our frozen meals.

If you are not 100% happy with the meal provided, send us your feedback and the meal is on us with my Head Chef Guarantee!

Discover Healthy Food Victoria at Exclusive Appetite

Are you in search of a convenient and delicious solution for your dining needs in Victoria? Look no further! Exclusive Appetite is your ultimate destination for gourmet, frozen meals in the heart of Melbourne. Our commitment to quality, taste, and convenience has made us the preferred choice for individuals and families looking for a delectable dining experience without the fuss of cooking. See healthy food  here.