Exclusive Appetite – Ready Made Meals Victoria.



Our Head Chef, Chris has been cooking for over 15 years. It’s the only job he has ever known and the only job he will ever do. Not often do you find someone as passionate about their profession 15 years later, as they were the day they started.

Chris was a Chef in the Australian Defence Force for well over a decade. This has gifted him the ability to not only master his skill set but travel the world whilst doing so. Such experiences have seen him cooking fine dining luncheons and sit-down dinners for the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Prince Harry, Television Broadcasters, multiple Australian Prime Ministers and Governor Generals, high ranking Delegates from around the globe, food critics and bloggers. Chris has been lucky enough to do high class catering functions in 17 different countries.

Through his experiences, he has been able to attain some of the highest qualifications in the Hospitality, Leadership and Management fields.

After all of his travels, Chris and his young family have decided the Mornington Peninsula is the area for them to stay. “The feel of the area, quality, accessibility of exceptional local produce and the people are the main factors of wanting to remain on the Peninsula”- Chef Chris.

For our Chef, focussing on quality is what motivates him each day. To have the ability to provide families and professionals, who are busier more than ever been before, a top-class meal. Now that’s something to get out of bed for. Let us give you some well-deserved time back, by providing you with our selection of meals to heat and eat at your convenience.

Through this pandemic, if there is one thing that we have learnt, it’s that we should not take anything for granted and we need to look after ourselves and each other. Too often we hear of people spending their hard-earned money on delivered take away meals, mass produced frozen meals or bland prepared delivered meals. We at ‘Exclusive Appetite’, aim to turn the trend of families and hardworking Victorians settling for a tasteless meal because it’s convenient. Your health, diet and satisfaction are important to us.

“The more households eating ‘Exclusive Appetite’ meals, the more people are appeasing their ‘Appetite’ with great quality food, healthy food and locally sourced food”. Where else can you have Lobster Gnocchi for lunch and a Goat Curry for dinner, delivered to your door? -Chef Chris.

Let us ensure that you want for nothing when it comes to your daily meals. Be the envy of your lunchtime work conversation. Because we create meals that you deserve to eat.

If you are not 100% happy with the meal provided send us your feedback and the meal is on us with my Head Chef Guarantee.