You don’t need to head to a downtown Indian restaurant or your local Asian stockist to enjoy some of their world-class cuisines. We make them ourselves. Chris our Chef has been to India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, and many more amazing Asian countries and had the opportunity to cook some of their cuisines and learn from the masters of their crafts. This is why we have gone out on a limb and incorporated some of the most tender and delicate meats you can buy in Australia.

On our menu, you will see such items as Red Goat Curry, Coconut Camel Curry, North Indian Inspired  Butter Chicken, along with a selection of meals we have also created using our infusion techniques in some of our highest sellers like our Creamy Peppered Kangaroo, Chilli Squid Ink Linguine and a Buffalo, Kangaroo and Venison Bolognese.

We aren’t afraid in our endeavour to create some magical dishes. Thus far, they have been received well. It’s rare to be able to get the variety of meats and meals that we have in one place, however, in saying that it doesn’t come easy.

It comes with a lot of assistance from our amazing suppliers.

We source these rare and specific meats from all individual suppliers which makes it quite the challenge. We get our lobster tails from our seafood supplier, our goat from another, our camel from our game supplier, our turkey also from another, and again another for our Buffalo, Kangaroo, and Venison meat. It’s a logistical nightmare, however, when we taste the slow-cooked camel curry for example, and see the meat crumbling in a sauce created by a balanced coconut, herb, and spice mix, it makes it all worth it.

We know these meats are amazing. We also know that some customers are reluctant to try new meats and are hesitant to change. That’s ok, it’s human nature. What we will say is they shouldn’t be; although they aren’t hugely consumed in Australia they are some of the highest consumed meats around the world. There’s a reason for this. There amazing.

We back ourselves and that is why we stand by our Chef Satisfaction guarantee. Why don’t you try one of these meals you might not have eaten before, if it’s not satisfactory, write to us why and you will get a complimentary meal replacement on your next order. It’s a Win-Win

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